Geoff Johns Takes Batman Back to Earth One with Volume 2

I love the concept of an alternate world where things are a bit off from the regular canon universe of the Dark Knight we’re served once a month in Detective Comics and Batman titles. Geoff Johns continues his off-kilter version of the world of Gotham in “Batman: Earth One Volume 2.” Its evident after several years of reading Johns’ work that there’s nothing he loves more than renovating super heroes and putting his own spin on them.

In “Batman: Earth One Volume 2,” Gotham City is plunged into terror by an enigmatic anarchist and killer calling himself The Riddler. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight must reconcile the increasingly conflicting ideologies of Detective Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne’s head of security, Alfred Pennyworth. But there are many more mysteries lurking within Gotham City, including the secret agenda of Harvey Dent and the bizarre creature prowling the sewers – Killer Croc!

I really like the direction Geoff Johns takes with the look and costume of the lead character in “Batman: Earth One Volume 2.” I enjoy the way you can see his eyes and how the suit is practical. He also shows readers the vulnerable side to being a super hero. Bruce Wayne is far from perfect and relies on his partner-in-crime fighting, Alfred, to get the job done at the end of the day. He’s still growing into the cowl.

“Batman: Earth One Volume 2” is rated T for Teens. It contains violence and gore, profanity, and frightening and intense scenes. There’s nothing out of the ordinary that we haven’t come to expect in most PG-13 films.

For the most part I enjoyed “Batman: Earth One Volume 2.” I can’t complain about the way Killer Croc and the Dent siblings are handled. However, the new take on the Riddler as a shirtless tough guy with a question mark tattoo on his face was a bit much for me. I prefer the skinny nerd who solely relies on his intellect to get his criminal work done. Aside from that, I thought Geoff Johns’ story was well-crafted and Gary Frank and Jonathan Sibal’s artwork visually captured all the action and drama.

“Batman: Earth One Volume 2” is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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