Rapid Review: Convergence: Batman and Robin #2

Convergence: Batman and Robin #2 is a special issue for fans of the Dark Knight’s family. It shows a team dynamic you don’t see often in the crime fighting adventures that take place in and outside of Gotham City. Writer Ron Marz goes out on a limb and shows a human side to Damian we don’t see often. He tells his father he loves him and shows surprising admiration for Jason Todd / Red Hood as they battle a behemoth that can only be described as a spike-wearing Hulk-like beast. We get to see that when times get tough, our heroes can put down their personal differences and ban together for a common goal. Denys Cowan provides some fantastic artwork that jumps out of the page at you and captures the emotions of each character.

Issue #2 is rated T for Teen. It contains violence, mild profanity, and frightening and intense scenes.

Convergence: Batman and Robin #2 stars heroes from the Pre-Flashpoint DCU. It’s a Bat-Family reunion with Bruce, Damian and Jason Todd, so you know things aren’t going to end well – but it gets a lot worse when Batman and Robin have to fight the Extremists!

Convergence: Batman and Robin #2 is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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