Shazam and Blue Beetle Head Up Week 3 of DC's Convergence

Another week of DC’s latest universe-shattering event Convergence has passed by and left comic book enthusiasts some treats to enjoy. I didn't get as much of a chance to dig into all the issues released. Both titles I read this week were exceptional and exciting.

Convergence: Shazam #1 stars heroes from "Crisis on Infinite Earths." It’s Shazam versus Steampunk, as the world of "Gotham by Gaslight" takes on the Captain Marvel family and friends!

The issue also gives us a peek at a world led by the mighty super hero. BIlly Batson no longer has powers and his villains take advantage of this fact as they wreak havoc. When he finally gets to yell Shazam, a grand battle erupts. Evan "Doc" Shaner’s art is very retro and hearkens back to the Golden Age of comics. Jeff Parker's story is amazing and a definite read for any fan of the former Captain Marvel.

Convergence: Blue Beetle #1 stars heroes from "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Hub City is on the brink of collapse and anarchy! Its heroes – Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and The Question – find inspiration and strength from a most unlikely source.

The first issue of this miniseries is very well crafted. It gives us a peek into a team led by the crime fighting teen. He has designed unique weapons for each member as they have no powers at the moment. We get to see how that affects their fighting styles and more. Yishan Li’s art is fantastic and Scott Lobdell's story was extremely interesting.

DC Comics continues to take what could’ve become just another forgettable event and rises above through an enthralling concept that is both fascinating and holds your attention. It’s a lot of fun to revisit the alternate worlds and characters Convergence is bringing back for the ultimate battle for survival. Every issue can’t be a homerun, but there’s been a lot more hits than misses this time around.

Convergence: Shazam #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.

Convergence: Blue Beetle #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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