"Extraterrestrial" Can Really Ruin a Vacation

IFC Midnight and Shout! Factory brings the Vicious Brothers’ latest horror creation “Extraterrestrial” to home audiences. Their film “Grave Encounters” has become somewhat of a cult classic over the years. I’m sure this blend of sci-fi alien abduction frights and typical slaughtering of vacationing teens will be awarded the same majestic fate.

In “Extraterrestrial,” malevolent aliens are on the hunt for more test subjects and anal probing victims. They interrupt five collegians' vacation at a remote woodland cabin to terrorize them.

There are some rather ridiculous conspiracy theories brought up by “Extraterrestrial.” If you can just get past them, there’s a rather entertaining movie to be found. The Vicious Brothers go for what they know scares people about aliens and the concept of being abducted. They’re not trying to fix something that isn’t broken. They’re just adding their own spin on it.

“Extraterrestrial” is not rated, but could be considered for a standard R. It contains nudity, adult situations, profanity, violence and gore, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and frightening and intense scenes. The most memorable moment is when we’re shown a man’s butt as a probe heads into it. Blood splatters as we witness the carnage from the side.

The Blu-ray edition of “Extraterrestrial” includes some enlightening bonus material. Commentary is provided by Vicious Brothers Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz, Brittany Allen, and Melanie Papalia. A brief 7:44 minute featurette entitled “The Making of ‘Extraterrestrial’” is found. A few deleted scenes and a trailer round out the special features.

Imagine if the typical “Cabin in the Woods” or “Evil Dead” movie were done with aliens instead of supernatural creatures or inbred rednecks and you have “Extraterrestrial.” What really sets it apart from all the other independent films out there in the horror world is its special effects and CGI. They’re very impressive for a project that was obviously low-budget. The craftsmanship more than makes up for the bad acting and other redundant genre trappings we find inside.

"Extraterrestrial" is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and as a Digital Download.




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