"Teen Titans Go! First Season" Delivers Super Silly Laughs

DC Comics and Warner Archive bring “Teen Titans Go! The Complete First Season” home on Blu-ray for you and your kids to enjoy over and over again. The hit show never fails to get a laugh out of my family and is definitely worth every penny you’ll spend on it. I can’t even count how many times my kids re-watch it, but it’s definitely at least two or three times a week.

In “Teen Titans Go!,” we get a look into what life is like for the super teens when their capes come off. Funny things happen to Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg between saving the world and being regular teens while living together without adult supervision. The teens, in their ordinary lives, deal with the everyday issues of adolescence that include such important things as having staring contests to determine who does the laundry and going on a series of quests to construct the perfect sandwich. But, of course, the heroes still fight crime in Jump City when the need arises. Whatever the situation, they're always ready for an adventure -- inside the house or out of it.

Every minute of “Teen Titans Go!” is filled with ridiculous comedy that makes you lower your IQ and forget your grown-up worries for a while. Is a lot of the humor just plain silly? Of course it is, but it’s okay to let yourself go every once in a while and join your kids sprawled out on the floor for a good laugh. It’s an addictive show that would even cause the Dark Knight to giggle.

I’ve ran into many comic book fans who hate “Teen Titans Go!” because it lampoons their favorite characters. I have only one thing to say: Lighten up and learn to have some fun. Even super heroes can’t be brooding all the time.

Although “Teen Titans Go!” is rated G, some might find an episode or two they would rather their kids not watch. One deals with Raven and her visiting demon father, who the adolescent super heroes think is awesome. It might give children the impression that demons and evil are funny, which most religious parents won’t be thrilled about. Honestly, that’s the only one I can think of that might offend right off the bat.

“Teen Titan Go! The Complete First Season” will not only keep your kids laughing, but you as well. It’s filled with witty pop culture references and parodies of the super hero genre and characters it’s based around. DC Comics proves they’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves and viewers reap the benefits through some good laughs.

“Teen Titan Go! The Complete First Season” is available now on Blu-ray.



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