What Frightens "The Craft's" Witchy Woman Rachel True?

We were recently given the news (good or bad is up to you) that a remake of the 1990’s supernatural teen thriller “The Craft” is in the works. The announcement inspired me to post original witch Rachel True’s answer to my burning question. She played Rochelle, who made one quarter of the spell-casting coven that wreaked havoc on their high school and classmates. Rachel also appears in films like “Sharknado 2: The Second One” and “Half-Baked,” as well as the TV series “Half & Half.”

I attended the 2015 Texas Frightmare Weekend the same way I do every year. This year I decided to come up with a plan of attack for my interviews and convention coverage. One of the main themes of this year's Texas Frightmare Weekend was the "Scream" films. I decided to ask all the actors at the event a two-part question that was relevant to the "Scream" theme: "What's your favorite scary movie and why?" Get Actor Rachel True’s answer to the question below.

It was a little hard to hear her, so this is what she said:

“'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' only because it seemed really real... Which is probably bad that its my favorite movie… Because it seems really real. But no. I don’t know it just seems like that would be my biggest nightmare. It scared the  ——— out of me. I also kind of like 'Jeepers Creepers.'"




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