Batman Lures Us Into Deplorable World of All-Star Section Eight

DC Comics gives fans of the series Hitman something to get excited about. Obviously, I am not a fan of Hitman if it was anything like All-Star Section Eight #1. It was a painful read which can only be compared to the Watchmen if they were all drunken disgusting slobs. Writer Garth Ennis seems to be slumming it as John McCrea’s art, which resembles what we get in MAD Magazine, fleshes out the story.

In All-Star Section Eight #1, befuddled hero Sixpack returns to Gotham City. He’s desperate to rebuild his team in the face of a deadly threat. He gathers old friends Bueno Excellente, Baytor and the seemingly reborn Dogwelder, along with some new faces—but he still needs that elusive eighth member. And that’s when the Dark Knight Detective gets an offer he can’t refuse.

Issue #1 is rated T+ for Teen Plus. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone under the age of 30 wanting to read this. If you’re not familiar with MAD Magazine and its style of irreverent humor, you’re going to be lost jumping into All-Star Section Eight #1. It contains crude humor, profanity, violence, and alcohol and smoking.

All-Star Section Eight #1 left me asking myself a simple question: “Why in the world did I waste my time reading this book?” I’ll tell you why. The cover tricked me into it. That’s what I get for blindly reading anything that has Batman attached to it. If there’s a joke somewhere within the pages of this waste of time, it clearly went over my head.

All-Star Section Eight #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.