A New Hero Dons the Cape and Cowl in Batman #41

Writer Scott Snyder continues to do what he does best for any comic book he gets involved in with Batman Issue #41. He begins a new story arc by pushing the boundaries of where the characters and title have been taken in the past and challenges readers’ comfort zones. Greg Capullo and Danny Miki provide intense artwork that adds energy to every panel.

The all-new Batman makes his debut in issue #41 of the monthly series! Who is he, and what happens next? Find out here as a new era begins in Gotham City!

Batman Issue #41 is rated T for Teen because of violence and profanity. There’s nothing here we haven’t already seen in any of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” films.

Although I do get tired of Bruce Wayne “dying,” I have to say that I don’t mind Jim Gordon as the Batman as much as I thought I would. It’s hard for me to say as a lifelong fan of the Dark Knight, but it’s nice to see someone else take on the cape and cowl every once in a while. Dick Grayson’s run was extremely entertaining as were the glimpses of Damian Wayne taking on the persona. Of course the mech suit constantly reminds me of a mashup between RoboCop and Batman. If you can just get past that, there’s a fun story and great artwork to take in.

Batman Issue #41 is available now in print and Kindle editions.