DC Comics Unleashes "Batman: Cataclysm New Edition"

DC Comics brings comic book fans the prequel to the monumental event known as “No Man’s Land” in a brand new edition of “Batman: Cataclysm” featuring material not found in the original trade paperback version. The epic saga took place between March and May of 1998 and followed "Batman: Contagion" and "Batman: Legacy.”

In "Batman: Cataclysm New Edition," an unexpected natural disaster strikes Gotham City and it's up to Batman and his allies to save the day. Can even the Dark Knight fight the forces of nature herself unleashed? This is the event that started Gotham City on the road to No Man's Land, the beginning of its downward spiral into utter chaos, representing Gotham as a true concrete jungle and Batman as the driving force of rationality and justice in a world gone mad.

“Batman: Cataclysm” collects Batman #553-554, Detective Comics #719-721, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #73-74, Nightwing #19-20, Catwoman #56, Robin #53, Batman Chronicles #12, Blackgate: Isle of Men #1, and Huntress / Spoiler: Blunt Trauma #1. The graphic novel now also includes Robin #52, Azrael #40, Catwoman #57, and Batman: Arkham Asylum - Tales of Madness #1, which not part of the original edition.

Chuck Dixon heads up an all-star crew of writers like Chris Renaud, Kelley Puckett, Doug Moench, Klaus Janson, Devin Grayson, Alan Grant, and Rick Burchett. Art is provided by Jim Aparo, Scott McDaniel, Alex Maleev, Staz Johnson, Mark Buckingham, Eduardo Barreto, Chris Renaud, Klaus Janson, and Rick Burchett. Brian Stelfreeze provides the artwork for the new edition.

“Batman: Cataclysm New Edition” is something you won’t want to miss picking up. It features appearances by everyone’s favorite characters like Oracle, Bane, Lady Shiva, Joker, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Riddler, and many more. Readers will not be disappointed as this major crossover story-arc unfolds before their very eyes.

“Batman: Cataclysm New Edition” is available now in print and Kindle editions.