You Am Have Awful Time Reading Bizarro #2

Bizarro #2 is 32 pages of kooky adventure and humor that includes two stories. The first one I refer to as “King Tut’s Slightly Used Car Oasis” and the second is “Bizarro America: Part 5.” Both are written by Heath Corson and illustrated by Gustavo Duarte.

"It am a good day to die! Bizarro and Jimmy am all that stand in the way of world destruction!" In Bizarro #2, our whacky “awful villain” (see what I did there?) and his pal run into the evil King Tut before continuing their trip cross-country trip to a ghost town. Along the way, they run into (literally) Batman, Flash, Swamp Thing, Riddler, and accidentally invade Iron Heights Prison.

Here’s a book everyone truly can enjoy. Bizarro #2 is a comic the whole family can savor and doesn’t try too hard to inject adult humor into its pages. It’s just good old fashioned cartoon comedy and adventure.

I was very surprised at how much fun Bizarro #2 was to read. Granted, my attention was captured as soon as I saw Batman on the cover, which those marketing masterminds at DC Comics counted on. Although it’s hard to decipher or keep up with at times, Heath Corson fully embraces the mind of our backwards anti-hero and uses it to his full advantage within the narrative. Gustavo Duarte’s artwork is at the same time a classic comic style while giving the panels his very own quirky take on the wacky world of Bizarro.

Bizarro #2 is available now in print and Kindle editions.