New Adventures Abound in “Little House Season Six”

Lionsgate brings “Little House on the Prairie Season Six” home on Blu-ray for the first time. It arrives in a deluxe remastered edition which will thrill fans of the classic television show. The audio and video quality will give audiences a whole new perspective on each episode as they see them in all-new high-definition clarity.

"Little House on the Prairie: Season Six" kicks off with the introduction of two new characters. New teacher Eliza Jane Wilder (Lucy Lee Flippin) is Laura's (Melissa Gilbert) new schoolmarm. However, it's Eliza's brother Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler) whom Laura really wants to study. Laura's early relationship with Almanzo is threatened by that most nefarious of nemeses, Nellie Oleson (Alison Arngrim).

Blind Mary (Melissa Sue Anderson) is involved in a horrifying stagecoach accident where she is the only individual able to seek help. Visitors to Walnut Creek include a traveling circus whose fat lady has an unexpected connection to the village. The Ingalls also meet a less than honorable preacher and drama unfolds over a forgotten anniversary.

The only special feature included on the Blu-ray edition of "Little House on the Prairie: Season Six" is a 16-minute featurette entitled “The ‘Little House’ Phenomenon Part Six - A Lasting Legacy.” It explores the impact the television series had on viewers. The cast and crew also reflect on the cancellation of the show.

Although I don’t write about family TV shows and movies as much as I do horror and sci-fi ones, I consider them an important part of my regular viewing diet. “Little House on the Prairie Season Six” gives me something else I can enjoy with my wife and kids. It’s good clean entertainment that promotes wholesome values and morals within the framework of exciting adventures filled with enough drama and romance to please female audiences.

“Little House on the Prairie Season Six” is available now on Blu-ray.