Damian Wayne Seeks Redemption in Robin: Son of Batman #2

Writer Patrick Gleason restores my excitement for the adventures of Damian Wayne with Robin: Son of Batman #2. The first issue of the monthly title didn’t thrill me the way I was hoping it would, as Damian is one of my favorite characters in the world of the Dark Knight. Gleason teams with artist Mick Gray to illustrate part two of the current story arc, “Fear of Blood.”

The power and legacy of the al Ghuls reaches far and wide in Robin: Son of Batman #2. Their greatest rivals are revealed in the form of the Dragon's Head. Can Damian Wayne and his trusty Man-Bat Goliath set the past right and gain redemption?

Robin: Son of Batman #2 is rated T for Teens. The issue contains violence and frightening and intense scenes for younger readers. There’s also a heavy focus on foreign gods, which might be offensive to some religious folks. I just look at it as a mythical vehicle in a fictional fantasy world.

The world of Damian Wayne continues to get more and more complex and mystical as he seeks atonement for his past sins in Robin: Son of Batman #2. Flashbacks to training moments and parts of his testing give readers a glimpse into the sort of barbaric world Damian was brought up in as an heir to the Demon. The second installment in this new monthly series was a step in the right direction after the first issue left me wanting more.

Robin: Son of Batman #2 is available in print and Kindle editions.