"Robot Jox" Bring Their Battle Home on Blu-ray

Scream Factory gives genre fans yet another piece of Producer Charles Band’s B-movie brilliance with the Blu-ray release of “Robot Jox.” Whether they want to admit it or not, filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro (“Pacific Rim”), Paul Verhoeven (“Starship Troopers”), Shawn Levy (“Real Steel”), and many others owe a great deal of respect to Director / Writer Stuart Gordon and Band. Many of the concepts you see in their films were brought to life onscreen in “Robot Jox” first. It’s a rollicking sci-fi adventure that brought Rock'em Sock'em Robots to life before the audience’s very eyes over a decade before Michael Bay’s “Transformers.”

In “Robot Jox,” huge mechanical beasts are manned by fierce competitors (Gary Graham, Anne-Marie Johnson, Paul Koslo). They fight superpower duels in the post-World War III future.

The Blu-ray of “Robot Jox” contains some nice bonus material. Two all-new commentaries are included. We also get new and archival interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Scream Factory almost never disappoints when it comes to special features for their hi-def upgrades and this is no different.

Although the movie is rated PG, “Robot Jox” would most definitely be given a PG-13 rating if released in theaters today. It contains the usual amount of violence and profanity and frightening and intense scenes. There’s even some smoking and drinking to be found. On top of that, it also includes some partial nudity and adult situations.

“Robot Jox” is a fun trip back in time to an age where CGI didn’t rule on the same level as it does now. All the action we see onscreen was meticulously crafted using miniatures and models by stop-motion wizards hard at work on set.

Is the acting over-dramatic in “Robot Jox?” Does the dialogue sound as if it’s being read straight out of a golden age comic book in “Robot Jox?” Of course, but that’s really not such a bad thing when taken in context with what Director Stuart Gordon was doing. He was making an old-fashioned science fiction movie he would’ve wanted to see as a child complemented by elements of the 1980s and 1990s genre cinema that was so popular at the time.

“Robot Jox” is available now on Blu-ray.