American Vampires Invade Cold War and Space in Second Cycle

Let me get something straight right off the bat (pun actually unintended). I absolutely love “American Vampire.” When I wrote full time for Yahoo, I had more time to dig deep into graphic novels and comics. Over the years, I’ve had to sacrifice some of the books I kept up with on a regular basis to keep up with my reviewing priorities. I must say I was extremely pleased when revisiting Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s horror creation to see nothing has changed in my absence.

Trapped behind the wall, Felicia and Pearl must run from the horrors they find lurking in Area 51. Whether they make it out alive or become test tube experiments may not be up to them in American Vampire: Second Cycle #9.

Much like a weekly television show, if you’re not keeping up with American Vampire: Second Cycle then you’ll have a hard time jumping into it. My advice is to go back and start from the beginning. If you’re a fan of “30 Days of Night” or other real vampire books, you’ll thank me for it later. There’s no glitter or beautiful undead to be seen here. It’s all guts and gore to behold.

Issue #9 of American Vampire: Second Cycle is suggested for mature readers. It contains violence and gore, profanity, and intense and frightening scenes. It’s a book about the undead published by Vertigo Comics. Expect the sort of imagery you get when watching horror films like the “Blade” films, “let the Right One In,” and “Daybreakers.”

American Vampire: Second Cycle #9 reminds me of all the reasons I fell in love with the series the first time I laid eyes on it. Rafael Albuquerque’s unique art style gives each gruesome panel and every wonderful character its own identity. Writer Scott Snyder continues to take us on a tour of American History through the eyes of the Undead. Granted, the history is slightly skewed, but still uses pivotal events as the backdrop to his tales of terror.

American Vampire: Second Cycle #9 is available now in print.




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