Mr. Bloom Goes to Gotham in Batman #43

DC Comics keeps things interesting within the world of the Dark Knight with Batman #43. We have two incredibly engaging stories running side-by-side and intertwining in the way only a master craftsman like Scott Snyder could dream up. Greg Capullo’s illustrations continue to stun and make one shudder when appropriate.

Batman #43 is the start of a new epic. There's a new villain stalking Gotham City. Will Batman be able to uncover the mystery of Mr. Bloom? Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne continues to deal with his tragic past as he in a less violent manner as he lends a hand at the Lucius Fox Center for Gotham Youth.

Issue #43 of Batman is rated T for Teens. Things definitely get a bit gory at times and there’s violence, profanity, and intense and scary scenes. Let’s just say Steven Spielberg and Peter Benchley would smile at the influence they had on this issue.

I really love what Scott Snyder is doing with the Batman title. He has a strange way of blending the supernatural and reality together and somehow making it all feel natural. The whole Bruce Wayne side story is a breath of fresh air as well. It’s nice to see a different side to the character than the typical, “I died and now I’m mad as heck” scenario we usually get. All I ask of DC is that if you give the Batman title back to Bruce Wayne, PLEASE start up a solo Jim Gordon / Batcop monthly series!

Batman #43 is available now in print and Kindle editions.