Is Tim Drake Worthy of Being Batman Beyond?

Tim Drake continues his crusade against Brother Eye in Batman Beyond #3. Writer Dan Jurgens pens the tale with visual help from artist Bernard Chang. The future looks grim as Inque turns the Dark Knight over to be assimilated or deleted.

The world starts to give up on its new Batman as the secret of the cyborg Justice League is revealed. Plus, Brother Eye takes both a giant leap and one small step toward bringing down the final stronghold of humanity: Neo-Gotham in Batman Beyond #3.

Batman Beyond #3 is rated T for Teen. The book includes violence, profanity, and frightening and intense scenes. It really contains the same material you would expect to see in the television series.

Dan Jurgens’ tale gets more complex as we realize what’s behind Inque’s betrayal of the human race. Batman Beyond #3 keeps readers glued to every panel as the question is finally answered: Can Tim Drake walk in the heroic shoes of Terry McGinnis? Is he a worthy successor to the Bat-Throne left vacant first by Bruce Wayne and now the deceased McGinnis? An epic battle between the forces of Brother Eye and our futuristic super hero will set the record straight while leaving everyone in frustrating anticipation as the issue doesn’t quite resolve the main storyline.

Batman Beyond #3 is available now in print and Kindle editions.