Jason Todd Gets "Second Chances" in Batman Graphic Novel

It would be hard to believe just how much of an impact the introduction of Jason Todd would affect the DC Universe if you were still back in 1988 reading his revamped origin story. Especially since he was hated so strongly by readers at the time that they voted to have him ultimately offed by the Joker.

Jason Todd had such a heavy influence on the world of the Dark Knight since that fateful moment he was caught stealing the Batmobile’s tires. Many incredibly entertaining and essential story-arcs would have never existed if not for his creation at the hands of Gerry Conway and Don Newton.

The Caped Crusader goes into action on his own after several years of working with a Robin by his side in “Batman: Second Chances.” He meets a young hoodlum named Jason Todd and is determined to guide the boy away from a life of crime. Could he be the one to don the red, yellow, and green left behind by Dick Grayson?

“Batman: Second Chances” collects issues #402, 403, 408-416 and Annual #11 of the monthly Batman title. Writer Max Allan Collins revised the character’s beginnings after the events which unfolded because of the Crisis of Infinite Earths. The majority of the stories found within the pages of this graphic novel were penned by Collins. A few of the tales were scripted by Jo Duffy and Jim Starlin. The art for the book is handled by a number of talented individuals such as Norm Breyfogle, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, Denys B. Cowan, Dick Giordano, Chris Warner, Ross Andru, Dave Cockrum, Kieron Dwyer, and Mike DeCarlo.

For anyone who was too young or not even born yet, “Batman: Second Chances” gives readers a chance to experience the re-birth of Jason Todd in the pages of DC Comics. Here are the humble beginnings of a hero, anti-hero, and super-villain that would both help and hinder the Dark Knight in his quest to fight crime in the streets of Gotham. It’s the story of a young boy who would grow into one of the most (in)famous allies of the Batman.

“Batman: Second Chances” is available now in a paperback and Kindle editions.




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