Tim Drake Faces "Brave New Worlds" in Batman Beyond #4

Writer Dan Jurgens and Artist Bernard Chang gift us another epic battle for mankind in Batman Beyond #4. It isn’t the Future’s End quite yet as Part 4 of the “Brave New Worlds” story arc unfolds. Jurgens and Chang complement each other’s talents while Marcelo Maiolo brings everything together with his vibrant coloring.

Everyone knew he wasn’t good enough to be Batman, and now Tim’s mistake has put humanity at risk. But when all seems lost, an old friend takes him back where it all started in Batman Beyond #4. Will a gift from the past give Tim what he needs to save the future?

Issue #4 of Batman Beyond #4 is rated T for Teen. Content found within the pages include violence, profanity, and intense and frightening scenes. There’s nothing out of the ordinary for this monthly title.

Batman Beyond #4 leads Tim Drake to a penultimate moment we should have seen coming a long time ago. It's a moment that ties all the contemporary Bat titles together quite conveniently. The issue doesn't let up from beginning to end as the Dark Knight of the future employs the help of Micron, Inque, and Barbara Gordon in his war against Brother Eye and his assimilated Justice League Unlimited.

Batman Beyond #4 is available now in print and Kindle editions.