Saying Goodbyes in Detective Comics #44

DC Comics gives us more explosive action with Detective Comics #44. The adventures of Jim Gordon aka Batcop are kicked up a notch as he comes to blows with a copycat criminal intent on keeping up tradition in the streets of Gotham City. Fernando Blanco provides art to a story written by Brian Buccellato.

In Detective Comics #44, the Joker’s Daughter reveals her plans to take on Batman and his task force—and they might prove deadly to Gordon, Bullock and Montoya! It looks like the GCPD’s Dark Robo-Knight might have more than met his match – in the form a giant Joker-bot!

I find it interesting how, after so many years of making Harvey Bullock out to be a crooked slob, DC is giving the character some redemption. It’s obvious this has everything to do with the success of “Gotham” and Donal Logue’s portrayal of the fellow on the show. You’ll get no complaints here as I like the “Odd Couple” chemistry between Gordon and Bullock in both the series and comic book. Nothing works better for what boils down to a buddy cop drama than two people rubbing each other the wrong way while reluctantly sharing the same goal.

Issue #44 of Detective Comics is rated T for Teen. Content includes violence and language. Everything seen here is just standard comic book action with nothing too extreme to speak of.

The direction Brian Buccellato is taking Detective Comics in is something to be cherished. It’s inevitable that the return of Bruce Wayne will overtake the title sooner or later. This fact gives readers all the more reason to revel in the adrenaline-fueled storyline as long as it lasts. Fernando Blanco’s artwork always leaves something to be seen no matter how many times you gaze upon it. The excellent red and blue police lights on the Bat-suit that light up on his chest and in his visor just caught my eyes this issue.

Detective Comics #44 is available now in print and Kindle editions.




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