KISS Proves To Be The Gold Standard!

After 41 years of KISS proclaiming from the stage that they're the "Hottest Band in the Land," the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) has proven it. The trade group announced September 15th that the rock band has accumulated more Gold Records than any other artist in the United States. Not bad for a band that many naysayers thought would be a passing fad.

How many Gold Records has the band received? KISS has racked up 30 in their over four decade career as a band. Each of those albums had to sell 500,000 copies in order to attain the certification. Altogether that's 15,000,000 albums sold. The albums included 26 full lengths and the four solo ones the members released in 1978.

One of those albums just turned 40 last week. The band's first live album, "KISS – Alive!," was released in 1975 to rave reviews. It's now considered to be the album that put the veteran rockers on the map.

Many industry people and rock bands credit "KISS – Alive!" as being the ultimate live album and the blueprint by which all other live albums are judged by. It also ushered in a new wave of live albums from many artists at the time like Peter Frampton, Wings, Alice Cooper, and more.

The fact that KISS has the most Gold Record certifications proves what they're fans have always known. They truly are the greatest rock band in the land. And they've got the sales to back it up!

I've posted the original promotional video for "KISS - Alive!" from 1975 below. It features the songs "C'mon and Love Me" and Rock and Roll All Nite."




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