Superhero TV Done Right with "The Flash" Season One Blu-ray

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings “The Flash: The Complete First Season” home for those who haven’t had a chance to see what quickly turned into my favorite superhero series or to relive the adventures of the Scarlet Speedster over and over again. Here is a show that grabs you right from the get-go and never lets up. All 23 episodes are included on 4 discs with over three hours of bonus content included as well.

In “The Flash,” CSI investigator Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is endearingly book-smart, somewhat awkward late and – as a result of a scientific experiment gone awry – the fastest man alive! He's The Flash! With his life shadowed by his mother's (Michelle Harrison) murder and his father (John Wesley Shipp) wrongly convicted of the crime, Barry finds that his newfound power of super speed grants him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel.

Barry quickly discovers he's not the only "metahuman" created by the explosive disaster, however – and not everyone is using their new power for good. Now, to protect the innocent, Barry and the close friends who know his secret race to combat evildoers in one astonishing adventure after another.

The Blu-ray + Digital HD edition of “The Flash: The Complete First Season” is filled with exciting special features. They included three featurettes entitled “Behind the Story: The Trickster Returns!,” “The Fastest Man Alive!,” and “Creating the Blur – The VFX of ‘The Flash.’” It also contains “Screen Test: The Chemistry of Grant and Emily” and “DC Comics Night at Comic-Con 2014: Presenting ‘Gotham,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Constantine,’ and ‘Arrow.’” We also get Pilot Commentary, Deleted Scenes, and a Gag Reel.

Although it’s not rated, “The Flash: The Complete First Season” would be considered PG-13 if put before the MPAA. It contains violence, profanity, adult situations, drinking, and frightening and intense scenes. There’s nothing here we haven’t seen in “The Dark Knight” Trilogy or “Man of Steel.”

“The Flash: The Complete First Season” is as near to a perfect example of excellent superhero television as you’re going to get. The show had a great buildup to a satisfying finale that wrapped things up to an extent but left room to move forward without making the viewer feel as if something was left unresolved. Extremely likable characters (and villains) keep the audience even more invested in the action progressing onscreen.

“The Flash: The Complete First Season” is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and as a Digital Download.