Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life's Still Complicated After Death in "iZombie"

The producers who gave you "Veronica Mars" bring Vertigo Comics' hit "iZombie" to life in a weekly television show collected here on DVD for your binge-watching pleasure. Chris Roberson and Michael Allred's quirky and captivating horror comic is the perfect concept for an ongoing series catered to twenty and thirtysomethings. All 13 episodes are included on three discs.

There's an element of girl power to attract a strong female audience. Enough action, humor, and tension will keep even the most Neanderthal of men coming back for more, though. Now if the showrunners can just find a way to shake things up when it comes to the writing formula repeated from one episode to the next.

When over-achieving medical resident Liv Moore (Rose McIver) attends a party that turns into a zombie feeding frenzy, she ends up joining the ranks of the living dead. Determined to pass as human despite her pale appearance and newly listless demeanor, Liv forms a plan to resist her drive to consume fresh human brains by taking a job at a coroner's office, where she can secretly snack on the brains of corpses delivered there. Soon discovering that she absorbs the memories of those she feeds on, she finds new purpose by posing as a psychic and working with a detective (Malcolm Goodwin) to help solve their murders in "iZombie: The Complete First Season."

"iZombie: The Complete First Season" is not rated but would be given a PG-13 if put before the MPAA. The show contains violence, gore, adult situations, drinking, and frightening and intense scenes. Even though Liv's technically dead, she has a strong appetite for sex. She also has a strong appetite for brains, which you see her ingest on a regular basis. We also see cadavers cut open several times during an episode.

There are some limited special features found in the DVD edition "iZombie: The Complete First Season." The Comic-Con panel for the show from 2014 is included. We also get deleted scenes for some episodes.

"iZombie: The Complete First Season" is a fun and smart twist on the medical murder mystery genre. The problem is the formula used for each episode grows wearisome after a while. Things start to get predictable and thankfully the plot points that weave everything together are strong enough to keep the viewer coming back for more. It still suffers from "murder-of-the-week" syndrome and I don't know how that can be changed. A strong cast of characters and a healthy dose of black humor is reason enough to watch the series in spite of its flaws.

"iZombie: The Complete First Season" is available now on DVD and as a Digital Download.

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