Monday, October 12, 2015

Superman Steps Out Before Truth in Issue #44

The "Truth" story-arc comes to a climactic close in Superman #44. We shouldn't take it for granted that Writer Gene Luen Yang leaves everything wrapped up in a tiny bow as it concludes. Readers will be left with an open door to a whole new frontier to be explored in the monthly series. The legendary John Romita Jr. continues to illustrate the title with his unique handiwork.

In Superman #44, Lois Lane makes the toughest choice of her life by betraying the Man of Steel and Clark Kent. Superman’s very existence is threatened with her revelation to the entire world. The Daily Planet and its staff may be the first casualties of Clark’s identity being revealed!

Issue #44 of Superman is rated T for Teens. Besides the typical comic book violence, there's some profanity and frightening and intense scenes. If you've seen "Man of Steel," nothing inside the pages of this comic will shock you.

I like the direction the storyline is heading in with Superman #44. We get to see the personal and "professional" fallout of Lois's treachery by exposing his identity as the Man of Steel to the world. We also witness the ramifications it has for those he loves and cares for. It's a pretty ingenious move for DC and a great source of tension and drama for many issues to come. Now if I could just figure out if I like John Romita Jr's art style all would be wonderful in the universe.

Superman #44 is available now in print and Kindle editions.

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