Monday, October 26, 2015

Telos Faces His Enemy's Enemy in Debut Issue

DC Comics is an equal opportunity publisher and proves it with Telos #1. The super heroes and super villains aren't the only players who deserve their own books. Even their henchmen need to prove they can stand on their own as criminal masterminds or, in the case of Braniac's minion, rescue his family from certain doom.

Set loose from his planetary tether, Telos finds himself free and able to traverse space and time via a sliver of Brainiac’s powers. In Telos #1, he embarks on an odyssey, journeying across time and space in search of his past.

Telos #1 is rated T for Teen. It contains violence and frightening and intense scenes. The content is susprisingly tamer than most of DC's books lately and that's a welcome thing.

Did anyone REALLY care enough about the character of Telos to merit him getting his own title? I guess only time will tell. I didn't consider him all that interesting as a stand-alone figure. The chances of this series lasting even a year is being optimistic. All that being said, Jason Paz and Carlo Pagulayan's intricate artwork accents Writer Jeff King's best attempt at fleshing out and giving Telos a chance at stardom beyond Convergence.

Telos #1 is available in print and Kindle editions.

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