Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Army of Darkness" Awakens in New Blu-ray Collector's Edition

It's a strange and wonderful world we live in where not only is a new "Star Wars" movie coming out, but we're getting a new chapter in "The Evil Dead" saga. Have we died and woke up in Geek Heaven? Things get even better with Scream Factory's release of "Army of Darkness" Collector’s Edition. Fanatics of Sam Raimi's horror / comedy franchise can rest easy knowing they have every version of the cult classic ever released all in the same 3-Disc Blu-ray package.

In “Army of Darkness,” Ash (Bruce Campbell) finds himself trapped in medieval times. He must quest for the Necronomicon, a book of evil which can return him to his time. Unfortunately, he releases the evil trapped inside the book and unleashes an army of the dead.

"Army of Darkness" is one the films I admired so much that I shared it with anyone and everyone who had never seen it when it came out on video (yes, video) in 1992. It made such an impact on me that the industrial band I was in at the time sampled so much of its dialogue that we easily could've been sued for copyright infringements.

Four versions of "Army of Darkness" are found in Scream Factory's Collector’s Edition. There were so many different releases of the film with different extra features and different cuts that you're head would literally spin like Linda Blair trying to find the one you want. Now they're all together in one collection.

Disc One features the R-rated Theatrical Version which runs 81 minutes. The 96-minute Director’s Cut is not rated and featured on Disc Two. Disc Three has the 88-minute International Cut and 90-minute Full screen Television Version.

Each Disc found in the "Army of Darkness" Collector’s Edition contains its own bonus material. Disc One comes with a new feature length documentary entitled “Medieval Times: The Making of ‘Army of Darkness.’” Disc Two includes audio commentary with Director Sam Raimi, Actor Bruce Campbell, and Co-Writer Ivan Raimi and featurettes. Deleted scenes, trailers, extended interview clips, TV spots, and still galleries are found as well. The International Cut of the film is a presentation of the new 4K scan from the inter-positive.

The different versions of “Army of Darkness” all differ in rating. The Theatrical Version, Director’s Cut, and International Cut all contain violence and gore, profanity, adult situations, nudity, and frightening and intense scenes. The Television Version has everything sans the nudity.

23 years after its release, "Army of Darkness" still holds up as a salute to the stop-motion movies of Ray Harryhausen and the writings of Jonathon Swift and Mark Twain. Slap all those elements together with demonic forces, gore, slapstick, and some great one-liners. What you have in the end is a viewing experience you'll never forget.

"Army of Darkness" Collector’s Edition is available now on Blu-ray.

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