Batman Returns Again in Dark Knight III: Master Race Book One

Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One is finally here thanks to the good people at DC Comics. Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello bring us the continuation to one of the most influential graphic novels ever released. Andy Kubert provides the art with Klaus Janson doing the inking. The first issue is 32 pages with a 16-page mini-comic. It was released on November 25th, 2015.

Book One of Dark Knight III: The Master Race takes us into the future where Gotham City is still in the grips of crime and mayhem. The Batman has disappeared once again and many citizens are angry at his absence. When the Caped Crusader begins hitting the streets again, attacks on police officers make way for doubts as to what side of the law the vigilante is now on.

Writers Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello throw us right into the center of the action and excitement from the get-go. You tend to get the message of what to expect when the second page of the comic starts with a chase scene through the streets of Gotham City. They also take us into the worlds of Wonder Woman and Superman to let us in on what the two of them have been up to since we saw the characters last. You get a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of them and other extended family in the future.

Artist Andy Kubert dives right into the world of Frank Miller’s creation. His style remains his own, but blends well with an intentional nod to the handiwork of Miller. Alex Sinclair accentuates each panel with grim, yet vibrant colors which dazzle the eyes of the reader. Original colorist Lynn Varley should be proud of how well Sinclair picked up where she left off with “The Dark Knight Strikes Again.” Klaus Janson keeps his legacy alive with masterful inking that strengthens the illustrations Miller supplied.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One didn’t have a rating posted on it, but I would consider it a T+ for Teen Plus. It contains violence, gore, and profanity. There is also one panel that shows Commissioner Yindel holding an open flask which obviously insinuates she drinks alcohol. The 16-page mini-comic features the adventures of the Atom within the Dark Knight Universe. Frank Miller illustrates a tale written by himself and Brian Azzarello. Klaus Janson inks the book. It’s a real treat to see Miller’s handiwork again within the pages of issue #1.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One will convince the skeptics there is still a remarkable story to tell within the Universe that Frank Miller transported us to back in 1986. Many will find the first issue of this limited series a vast improvement over “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” already. It’s full of thrills and surprises which leave you craving more in the open-ended finale.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One is available now in print and Kindle editions.