Monday, November 2, 2015

Detective Comics #45 Tells of Giants and Men

I love Jim Gordon's Batcop. Let me shout it from the mountains. Detective Comics #45 brings us to an unavoidable moment in comic book history. It's the moment we all knew would come. Gordon's Robo-Dark Knight is recruited by the Justice League. The new creative team of Writer Peter J. Tomasi and Artist Marcio Takara take the series over.

In Detective Comics #45, Jim Gordon is approached by the Justice League to solve a series of mysterious mass murders. He must turn his focus away from Gotham City and test his mettle with the World’s Greatest Heroes!

The rating for Detective Comics #45 is T for Teens. It contains violence, profanity, and frightening and intense scenes. There's nothing out of the ordinary to report as far as content goes.

Detective Comics #45 was all over the place narratively. The comic starts out with what looks like the introduction to a new story but then we end up in Bruce Wayne's living room chatting about old times before being jettisoned into a crisis in the skies over Gotham City. We do get some exhilarating action at the hands of both Jim Gordon's Batcop and the Justice League. However, I want to know a little more about the catastrophe we were introduced to in the first few pages of the issue. Writer Tomasi does provide a good balance by giving both Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon ample time in the spotlight.

Detective Comics #45 is available now in print and Kindle editions.

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