Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Scream Factory Shows Us the "White of the Eye"

Cult classic “White of the Eye” is brought to Blu-ray by horror and slasher aficionados Scream Factory. The 1987 film was directed by Donald Cammell and written by himself and wife China. It is based on the book “Mrs. White” by Author Margaret Tracy. The running time is 111 minutes.

Joan White (Cathy Moriarty) is informed by the police that her husband, Paul (David Keith), a soundman who specializes in high-end audio systems, might be responsible for a series of gruesome murders in their Arizona community. As Paul's behavior turns violent, she begins to suspect her husband's guilt. In flashback, we see how Paul seduced Joan away from her then-boyfriend Mike (Alan Rosenberg), and the hunting trip Mike and Paul took that changed their relationship forever in “White of the Eye.”

Cinematographer Larry McConkey uses interesting camera angles and close-ups to capture the offbeat direction of Donald Cammell. Editor Terry Rawlings pieces it all together to give the film a specific rhythm and momentum that leaves the viewer on edge and anticipating abrupt changes from one scene's pacing to the next. It's not an easy watch as we're thrown into a downward spiral of dread and empathetic sorrow for the lead character.

Nick Mason and Rick Fenn’s haunting musical score seamlessly complements the actions of Cathy Moriarity and David Keith for “White of the Eye.” Moriarity is reserved up until the point of her emotional explosions when she just can’t take anymore. Both Alan Rosenberg and David Keith fill the screen with a dark and brooding tension that leaves audiences uncomfortable at times. The soundtrack guides us through all these diverse sensations.

The Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack for “White of the Eye” contains the usual great bonus material we expect from Scream Factory releases. The movie is given a new high-definition transfer from the original camera negative. Audio commentary is provided by Donald Cammell biographer Sam Umland. There are deleted scenes with commentary. Interviews with Steadicam Operator Larry McConkey and Actor Alan Rosenberg are included. An alternate credit sequence is found as well.

Director Donald Cammell's “White of the Eye” is rated R for violence and gore, adult situations and sensuality, profanity, alcohol / drugs / smoking, and frightening and intense scenes. Although there is quite a bit of sexuality to be found, there is no nudity. Much of the intensity is due to the excellent camerawork and editing for the film.

"White of the Eye" is an example of what happens when you allow an experimental independent filmmaker to helm what very well could've been another typical slasher flick. Throw in some sensuality ala "Basic Instinct" or "The Postman Always Rings Twice" and you have the makings of a rather unique viewing experience. It may not be the greatest movie you'll ever see, but it will definitely be one you won't forget.

"White of the Eye" Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack is available now right here.

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