The Weight of the World is Superheavy in Batman #47

Batman #47 continues Jim Gordon and the Gotham City PD’s battle on the enigmatic Mr. Bloom. The 22 pages of story are written by mastermind Scott Snyder and illustrated by the capable hands of Greg Capullo. It’s interesting to see the evolution of a new character which could easily be positioned right next to the most legendary villains in the Dark Knight’s Gallery of Rogues.

In Batman #47, Jim Gordon is in the fight of his life against Mr. Bloom. Bruce Wayne discovers a shocking secret about his past that will change everything in Gotham City!

Writer Scott Snyder blends together multiple storylines with impeccable ease. Artist Greg Capullo continues to amaze with his trademark style and unique take on characters new and old. The two form a powerhouse of creativity that never ceases to amaze and thrill me.

Issue #47 of Batman is rated T for Teen. It contains violence, profanity, and frightening and intense scenes. If you’re used to PG-13 comic book movies, you’ll be fine with what’s going on here.

Batman #47 continues to tease readers waiting anxiously to find out more about the motives of the enigmatic Mr. Bloom. Just when you think Gordon's Batcop finally has everything under control, a new threat rears its ugly head in a way that only the twisted mind of Scott Snyder could dream up. I still can't shake the nervousness over whether they're going to put Bruce back in the cape and cowl and retire Batcop. I want more of Jim Gordon's Dark Knight. If they can find a way for both to co-exist, I would be all for that.

Batman #47 is available now in print and digital editions.