Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Peek Behind the Curtain with Batman: Endgame Director's Cut #1

DC Comics awards its audience with a look behind the scenes at the creative process of a single issue of one of their most renowned monthly titles with Batman: Endgame Director's Cut #1. The entire 61-page book is mostly in black and white. We've seen this type of artistic breakdown before in the past, and the focus here is issue #40 which concluded the epic "Endgame" storyline.

The book is split into four different sections. First, we get Part 6 of Endgame devoid of coloring. Greg Capullo's illustrations are shown in their purest forms. You really get a good idea into who sets up the visual foundation for each and every issue.

Secondly, Scott Snyder's first draft of the script shows us what Capullo has to work with as he puts pencil in hand and lays it down on paper (or pad). The third part gives us a look at the cover pencils for several of Greg Capullo's covers.

The fourth portion presents the depth and layering Inker Andy Kubert brings to the forefront of many issues' variant covers. A majority of people don't take into consideration the importance of a great comic book cover. After all, it is the first thing we see on the shelf when walking into a shop or store.

The special issue is rated T for Teen. It contains violence and gore, although bloody images really don't have the same effect on readers when everything is in black and white. There's also some profanity and frightening and intense scenes to be found.

Batman: Endgame Director's Cut #1 is a testament to the talents of two of the comic book industry's most incredible creative forces. We get a peek behind the curtain at the techniques these individuals utilize to bring a single issue of the title to fruition. It's a look into the complex process we take for granted as critical consumers. We so easily dismiss the time and energy put into entertaining us every month. Hopefully, this tribute will help us put things in perspective from an artistic standpoint.

Batman: Endgame Director's Cut #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.

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