Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Robins Are Getting Dirty in Detective Comics #47

The Robin War continues in Batman Detective Comics #47. The third chapter in the crossover event sees Writer Ray Fawkes and Artist Steve Pugh continuing an epic tale bringing all the Boy Wonders, past and present, together to take on the Gotham City Police Department as well as a more sinister force. 21 pages of vibrantly illustrated action and drama await the reader of this issue.

In Detective Comics #47, the GCPD cracks down on the Robins and puts them in lock up. Batman must choose sides. The mysterious Court of Owls stands behind it all pulling the strings!

Writer Ray Fawkes gives Peter J. Tomasi a break from scripting Detective Comics to bring us the next chapter in the Robin Wars. He does an admirable job putting all the Boy Wonders in one place and showing off different bits of their personalities as they band together for a common goal. It’s a pleasant story element which keeps things interesting on a cerebral level amongst all the kicking, punching, and screaming.

The issue is rated T for Teen and contains violence, profanity, and frightening and intense scenes. The typical comic book elements are really all we get here. There’s nothing too shocking or out of the ordinary to report. I will ask one simple question: “Does anyone remember when super heroes didn’t use bad language?”

A breakneck pace and exhilarating artwork make for an exciting reading experience for Detective Comics #47. Steve Pugh’s full-page spread of Batcop and Dick Grayson springing into danger is a memorable image fit for framing. Fawkes does his part to give his audience a suspenseful ride within the confines of one piece of a massive puzzle.

Detective Comics #47 is available now in print and digital editions.

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