Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Apprentice Put to the Test in Arkham Knight - Robin Special

DC Comics thrills again with the one-shot Batman: Arkham Knight - Robin Special #1. The 20-page story is a quick blast of energy written by Peter J. Tomasi. Robson Rocha handles the penciling while Rob Schwager craftily colors the artwork.

After an intense training session in the Batcave, Tim Drake settles in for a normal day as a science teacher at Robinson Academy. But just as a class field trip to Wayne Industries begins, things take a violent turn when a gang of armed thugs enter the building in Batman: Arkham Knight - Robin Special #1.

Peter J. Tomasi pits Tim Drake’s Boy Wonder not up against just one villain, but three who have one target in mind. Bane, Killer Croc, and Clayface want to get their clutches on the deadly Titan compound. The scribe has no issues with putting our hero and his students in harm’s way for our own selfish enjoyment.

Robson Rocha takes full advantage of his job by providing strong artwork that captures the intense essence of Tomasi’s story. I’m sure he also relished in the fact that he had the opportunity to draw several of the Dynamic Duo’s key archenemies in the span one book. He more than proves his worth with every line he puts down.

The comic is rated T+ for Teen Plus. Batman: Arkham Knight - Robin Special #1 contains violence, profanity, and intense scenes. I don’t really see where the rating comes from since it doesn’t include anything we haven’t seen in any of the regular monthly Batman titles.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Robin Special #1 gives Tim Drake a chance to show off his skills in the video game world everyone loves. The issue will keep readers glued to the pages and shows the Caped Crusader’s sidekick is more than capable of taking care of himself as well as others in a crisis. It’s a short and sweet tale that shouldn’t be missed by fans of Red Robin for sure.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Robin Special #1 is available now in print.

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