Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Bronze Age Begins in Detective Comics #48

DC Comics brings us past the Robin War and puts the spotlight back on Jim Gordon where it belongs with Detective Comics #48. Writer Peter J. Tomasi slowly unfolds the mystery of a killer obsessed with American history who craves the attention of Batman. Marcio Takara illustrates the 22-pages of story in his own breathtaking style.

In the wake of the Robin War and globe-hopping with the Justice League, Jim Gordon is looking forward to getting back to what he, and Batman, do best: taking out crime in Gotham City. But lurking in the shadows at home is a case from Jim’s past that may decide the future of Batman in Detective Comics #48.

One of my favorite elements of Detective Comics #48 is the enigmatic villain we’re introduced to. We’re shown only enough of his lair and shadowy figure to peak our curiosity and leave us needing to know more about this diabolical character. Is he an all-new rogue or someone new Tomasi dreamed up to tantalize us?

Issue #48 of Detective Comics is rated T for Teen. It contains violence and gore, profanity, partial nudity, and intense and frightening sequences. The villain of the story likes to walk around his lair in the nude. We’re not really shown anything in detail as he’s shrouded in shadows, but it’s still more than we usually see.

Detective Comics #48 puts Jim Gordon back where he belongs: in and above the mean streets of Gotham City fighting and solving crimes. It’s nice to see his investigative talents being put to good use as he and Bullock get their hands dirty in the local morgue examining a victim’s corpse for themselves. I also like the way Gordon has ditched the Robocop armor and chosen to go with the more practical, less bulky, and sleek Batsuit. The issue is a great start to a new story arc that has already grabbed my attention.

Detective Comics #48 is available now in print and digital editions.

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