DC Celebrates with Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Package

DC Comics sent their press partners a very cool gift combining the 30th Anniversary of The Dark Knight Returns and the new DKIII: The Master Race mini-series. It was definitely successful in getting me excited enough to share my wonderful gifts with my readers. I got home late one night to find a big box taking up space in one of my living chairs. I couldn’t wait to bust it open. My two kids saw it was from DC and demanded I wake them as soon as I got home so they could see me open it. Neither they nor myself were disappointed by what we found inside.

As I lifted the stuffing paper out of the box, I beheld a large black box with a wrapper around it that stated, “30 - The Dark Knight Returns.” I carefully pulled the wrapper off the box and opened it. Inside were three spaces holding different items. They consisted of a bust, books, and a journal. I was the recipient of what has become known as The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Package.

The first compartment contained a box that proclaimed it held a “Dark Knight Returns” bust of Batman. It was wonderfully painted and detailed in the likeness of the aged Caped Crusader. The perfect little trophy to put on your desk or collectible shelves. You can buy the bust for $49.99 right here.

The second section included The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Edition and The Dark Knight Strikes Again graphic novels. The new edition features an interview with Frank Miller and supplemental material. The hardcover collector’s editions of DKIII: The Master Race Books One and Two are found as well. Each one has a special penciled cover. It has a cut out foam bottom that will allow me to put the other hardcover editions of the different books in the box as well.

The right compartment held a black journal featuring The Dark Knight Returns logo on the front cover. It’s a very sleek and stylish little item. Any writer or journalist will love it and tote it around with them wherever they go.

It’s hard for me to believe The Dark Knight Returns is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. I remember reading the graphic novel right before going to see the midnight screening of Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the book still holds up three decades later as one of the finest examples of what the world of Batman and comic books is all about.

Fans of Batman and Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series might not be able to get their hands on the special package I received from DC, but you can get most of the items individually that were found inside.

The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Edition is available here.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again is available here.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Bust is available here.

DK III: The Master Race Book One Hardcover is available here.

DK III: The Master Race Book Two Hardcover is available here.