Legendary Chills Abound with Vincent Price Collection 3

Scream Factory continues to do what they do best by releasing Vincent Price Collection 3. Four films and what I would consider a television episode of Edgar Allan Poe's works are presented to us in high definition glory for the first time. What we have here is the iconic actor putting his best foot forward working with legendary talents like Directors Roger Corman and Gordon Hessler and fellow actors Charles Bronson, Nancy Kovack, and Henry Hull.

‌In Master of the World, Mad inventor Capt. Robur (Vincent Price) kidnaps a team on a government expedition to investigate a mysterious crater in Pennsylvania. The team is taken aboard Robur's spectacularly engineered airship, the "Albatross," which Robur plans to fly around the world to various military installations in his desperate desire to eradicate weapons of mass destruction, thereby bringing about world peace. The kidnapped team's leader, John Strock (Charles Bronson), responds by planning an uprising.

Richard III (Vincent Price) desperately wants the throne in 15th-century England. His ailing brother, King Edward IV (Justice Watson), instead bestows it upon his other sibling, Clarence (Richard McCauly). This sends Richard into a homicidal rage, resulting in Clarence's murder and the deaths and torture of many others who could keep the crown from the crazed man. But as the mayhem continues, Richard's sanity slips, and the ghosts of the murdered men begin to haunt the beleaguered royal in Tower of London.

When Judge Simon Cordier (Vincent Price) goes to see Louis Girot (Harvey Stephens), a prisoner he sentenced to death, the criminal insists he is not guilty and that he is inhabited by an evil spirit. Cordier dismisses Girot's claims, but he becomes unnerved when Girot lights himself on fire to supposedly end the demonic possession. After the visit, Cordier, beset by insomnia, begins to have odd visions and starts to wonder if Girot might have been telling the truth after all in Diary of a Madman.

In Cry of the Banshee, monomaniacal witch hunter Lord Edward Whitman (Vincent Price) cruelly persecutes the peasants in his corner of Elizabethan England. He manufactures charges and mets out punishment without regard to justice. While trying to wipe out a coven of witches, he fails to take into account the possibility that real witches might have real power. He is unprepared when Oona (Elisabeth Bergner), the head of the coven, transforms a trusted member of Whitman's household into a vehicle of demonic vengeance.

Vincent Price narrates four classics by the master of the macabre include "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Pit and the Pendulum" in An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe.

Each movie featured on Vincent Price Collection 3 comes with its own set of bonus material. Audio commentary and interviews with the cast and crew are provided. Posters, lobby cards, and photo galleries are found as well. The Tower of London disc includes two episodes of Science Fiction Theatre starring Price. Cry of the Banshee contains both the theatrical and director’s cut of the movie.

Each film holds its own rating from G to R. All of them feature different levels of violence and frightening and intense scenes. Others are gorier and Cry of the Banshee contains some language, nudity, and scenes of women being sexually assaulted by men. Nothing graphic, but still unsettling nonetheless.

Vincent Price Collection 3 shows is a shining example of Scream Factory's unfaltering dedication to preserving and celebrating the true classics of the horror genre. Price is one of the figureheads of a bygone era who rightfully deserves the spotlight and place in history he has achieved. This new set is a must have volume filled with four important films and one short full of Edgar Allan Poe gothic goodness. It is an essential part of any home entertainment library.

Vincent Price Collection 3 is available now on Blu-ray.