Our Gordon at War in Detective Comics #51

The New 52 is about to get wrapped up before DC Comics’ latest “rebirth” initiative. I’m not entirely sure what they have in store for Batcop Jim Gordon when the big change hits, but I’ll be depressed if they pull the plug on his adventures as the Gotham Police-sanctioned Dark Knight. Until then, I’ll just bask in the glow of a new Jim Gordon-based story-arc getting kicked off with Detective Comics #51.

In issue #51, Jim Gordon gets a call from his old Marine Corps friends. He sets off to their base to investigate a potential crime. Gordon’s bringing his Batman suit along, just in case.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi (Batman and Robin, Green Lantern Corps.) continues to push the boundaries of of Jim Gordon’s backstory with issue #51 of Detective Comics. To make everything else more interesting, we’re taken out of the familiar surroundings of Gotham City and thrown in the deserts of Afghanistan. All sorts of new territory can be explored from this intriguing location.

Fernando Pasarin (Batgirl) provides his take on the world of Detective Comics for issue #51 of the title. I really enjoyed his precise penciling enhanced by Chris Sotomayor’s (Firestorm) vivid coloring. It’s a team-up of talent that suits the thrilling tale Writer Tomasi is telling.

Detective Comics #51 is rated T for Teen. It contains violence, gore, profanity, smoking, and frightening and intense sequences. We definitely see some blood as Gordon’s buddies are taken out for their disrespectful deeds.

I really hope Jim Gordon’s run as Batman continues in some form. I think the past few months have proven he can carry his own weight. My ideal situation would be for his escapades to continue on either in Detective Comics with Bruce Wayne / Batman taking over the revamped flagship title. Another possibility would be giving Jim his very own monthly title. I think the success of “Gotham” is all the more proof that there is enough interest in this complex character to merit the continuing spotlight.

Detective Comics #51 is available now in print and digital formats.