An Angel Falls in Superman: American Alien #6

Max Landis's (“Chronicle,” “Victor Frankenstein”) Superman: American Alien continues with issue #6. Written by one of Hollywood's celebrated scribes, the artwork is handled by the aptly capable Jonathan Case (Batman ‘66). The two talents come together to retrofit a more "human" Man of Steel for a new generation.

In Superman: American Alien #6, Pete Ross and Kenny Braverman take a trip to Metropolis to catch up with their old friend Clark Kent. They quickly find that the “Superman” phenomenon has taken the city by storm! As Clark’s alter ego grows more famous, so do Pete’s concerns, and the rising tensions between the two friends inadvertently result in an epic encounter of an extraterrestrial nature!

The character we get in Superman: American Alien #6 is one who is flying into the heart of darkness. He's doing so to attract the attention of anyone else who shares his lineage or origin. Clark does want to help people, but also yearns to possibly attract universal attention to find out where he comes from and who he is.

We're also given a look at how Clark Kent's new life in Metropolis and Superman's heroics in the spotlight affects his friendships. It's amusing how out of place Pete and Kenny feel and look among the citizens of Metropolis. One of his friends also addresses what we all think every time we crack the cover of a Superman comic: "How can glasses be the only way Clark disguises himself from the world?"

Superman: American Alien #6 is rated T+ for “Teen Plus.” What that means is this book falls somewhere between PG-13 and R. The only thing that seemed to be pushing the envelope further than T-rated comics here is a few panels where Clark’s clothes burn up and he’s nude. It’s not like they show any inappropriate body parts.

I appreciate what writers like Max Landis are trying to do with the Man of Steel by humanizing him in a comic like Superman: American Alien #6. However, the New 52 and Zack Snyder’s films are all doing this at virtually the same time. I long for the days when the Last Son of Krypton wasn’t so concerned with dating and sorting out his feelings. Remember when Superman just saved people because it was the right thing to do and he was an untouchable hero for the entire world? No soap opera, just our super hero showing up at the scene of the crime and taking care of business in some exciting way.

Superman: American Alien #6 is available now in print and digital editions.

Check out a preview of Superman: American Alien #6 below.

Superman: American Alien #6 Preview