Crypsis Steals the List in Batman #52

DC Comics wraps up its New 52 campaign for the Dark Knight with Batman #52. Although the story is obviously filler before the kick-off of Rebirth, writer James Tynion IV does a dutiful job of ending this era on a high note. Riley Rossmo gives the tale a burst of visual energy that sees the contrast in gloomy and bright colors collide beautifully.

In Batman #52, echoes from Batman's past ripple out into Gotham City's future. Techno-Criminal Crypsis is after the secrets of the rich and famous. Is Bruce Wayne the latest target on his hit list? The Dark Knight must stop this sinister new force before he attacks his next victim.

Instead of just playing it safe for this one-off, Tynion IV steps out and gives us a brand new villain and adds a new piece to the puzzle that is Bruce Wayne's past and legacy. That's a whole lot to tackle before a book relaunches and starts afresh. He peppers the story with mystery and a pinch of sci-fi for good measure. Tynion IV really could've taken an easier route and used any or all of Batman's past gallery of rogues and penned an acceptable conclusion, but he chose to step out and take a chance.

Although we've technically already seen the new costume design for the Caped Crusader, the striking orange outlined bat-logo is still taking a bit to get used to. I'm not opposed to the change in design. For some reason, every time I see the new look I think to myself, "Halloween Batman."

Issue #52 of Batman is rated T for Teens. It contains violence and frightening and intense scenes.

Batman #52 is a great ending to DC's New 52 run. It elegantly brings one period in the life of Gotham's brooding hero to a close while preparing readers to begin a new journey with him. I still wish they'd just return to the previous numbering like they're doing with Detective Comics, but major events are what pay the bills.

Batman #52 is available in print and digital editions.
Batman #52 Sneak Preview