2016 Texas Frightmare Weekend Pleases Crowds Again

Another Texas Frightmare Weekend has come and gone. It’s a bittersweet moment every year as the famed horror event begins because, as you know, all good things come to an end. I’ve been attending the convention for well over five years now and each one offers its own brand of fun and mayhem.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel at DFW Airport served as the location for Texas Frightmare Weekend for the fifth time as the convention celebrated its 11th year in operation. The venue is the perfect spot for thousands of gore enthusiasts to congregate for a weekend of thrills and chills. Two large rooms serve as the home to vendors and celebrities selling t-shirts, collectibles, and other merchandise as well as meeting and greeting fans respectively.

I could only make it out to Texas Frightmare Weekend on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours each this year. My time was well spent wandering the halls and taking in as much as I could in my time there. I was in line to meet the Catman of KISS, Peter Criss, most of Saturday. The wait in line was around an hour and a half when I was there. One person told me he spent over six hours to meet him later that evening.

Criss was a wonderful man, hugging each and every one of his fans. He told them he loved them and “God bless you.” The founding member of the Hottest Band in the World took a few minutes with each individual and talked about their personal KISS experiences.

I shared with Criss about my first “KISS - Alive II” album melting in the car after just buying it at K-mart in 1978. He was sympathetic and said I started on the good stuff. I’m a robust man and he let me know I need to take care of myself, stay healthy, and get a breast exam. His own experience has made Criss a spokesperson for breast cancer awareness.

Sunday was a flash of hurried activities at Texas Frightmare Weekend. I headed up to the event with my 17-year-old and 9-year-old sons. My 9-year-old is a Scooby-Doo fanatic. There was no way I was letting Matthew Lillard come within an hour of our home and not take my boy to meet him. Lillard played and voices Shaggy Rogers in two live-action movies, over a dozen animated features, and several TV shows.

Lillard let us move to the front of the line and took an ample amount of time talking to 9-year-old Ephraim. He signed an 8x10 of Scooby-Doo and himself and took a few pictures with my two guys. Ephraim asked him what his favorite Scooby-Doo was to work with. Lillard told him probably the first one because it was new and fresh and he was working out his character depiction still.

Our next stop was to meet Lance Guest, star of “Halloween II,” “Jaws: The Revenge,” and my personal favorite, “The Last Starfighter.” I spent many a day and night at my father’s house during the summer re-watching “The Last Starfighter” over and over again on HBO. My 17-year-old son, Everett, and myself got our pictures taken with him. I told him I loved “Jaws: The Revenge” and he responded that he appreciated that. He laughingly stated I was one of about six people who actually enjoyed it.

Other actors I had a chance to meet while wandering around were Bex Taylor-Klaus and Carlson Young from the “Scream” TV series.” Both of them were very nice women who appreciated every fan who greeted them at their tables. I told them I enjoyed the series, which is much better than you would imagine with it being an MTV show. I shared with both of them how I was surprised it was so gory and no character is safe from being killed off, regardless of how important or large their role.

I spoke with Tony Todd long enough to say hi. I had worked with him at a Dallas Comic-Con years ago and moderated his Q and A panel .A couple years later I reconnected with him at a “Star Trek” convention in Oklahoma City that we hung out at. Most people know Todd as the frightening Candyman. He’s also an established playwright and stage actor with a gentleman’s heart.

Much of Sunday was spent helping Director Duane Graves run their Greek Productions booth. Graves was giving away signed posters for all their movies. The latest film he and Co-Director Justin Meeks made, horror western “Kill or Be Killed,” hit DVD through Image Entertainment. They also helmed “The Wild Man of the Navidad” and “Butcher Boys.” Both of their past features were produced by “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” co-creator Kim Henkel. Henkel also wrote the script for “Butcher Boys.”

Texas Frightmare Weekend had some great vendors selling their unique and talented works. One guy made wall art out of actual face casts of famous horror actors. He had a life-sized Frankenstein’s Monster and Regan from “The Exorcist” on display. His wall art included mounted face casts of Alfred Hitchcock, Vincent Price, and even a Death Trooper from “Star Wars.” Other booths had custom rubber masks and t-shirts with all your favorite movies and characters featured.

I absolutely love attending Texas Frightmare Weekend every year. 2016 seemed even more organized than past events, which is saying a lot. Past years have proven the event to be one of the best put together conventions in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.It continues to be the premiere destination for fans to meet any and all of their favorite horror and slasher celebrities.

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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016