Seasons Change in Batman: Rebirth #1

DC Comics reintroduces us to the Dark Knight of a reborn universe with Batman: Rebirth #1. Writers Scott Snyder and Tom King (Grayson) show us not much has changed in Gotham City except our hero has a new orange outline around the symbol on his costume. Mikel Janin (Grayson) provides the illustrations for the book.

The Dark Knight Detective recruits a new sidekick as he takes on evil 365 days a year. Calendar Man looks to destroy Gotham City using a tool which could annihilate the entire population: nature. Can the Caped Crusader stop the madman’s plans before it’s too late?

Batman: Rebirth #1 takes what Scott Snyder was doing with the series and marches forward with the assistance of Tom King. King takes what many consider to be one of the sillier villains of the Dark Knight's Gallery of Rogues and gives him a respectable amount of menace and motivation, thanks in part to the striking and unsettling artwork of Janin. The promise of a fresh new Robin and costume for the sidekick add to the excitement. DC Comics is setting their new initiative up to be a grand and entertaining breath of fresh air.

While DC Universe: Rebirth #1 promised a remarkable switch in tone, Batman: Rebirth #1 really keeps in line with what was going on throughout the New 52. I didn't expect too much to change within the parameters of the Batman books, as they've always been rather dark and it works for the character. The campy ever-smiling sci-fi Caped Crusader from the 1950s and 1960s definitely wouldn't work during these days.

Batman: Rebirth #1 is available in print and Kindle editions.
Batman: Rebirth #1 Preview