LEGO Brick Universe Comes to Dallas, TX

LEGO Brick Universe is an annual convention that takes place in a few different areas throughout the United States. One of those locations happen to be Plano, which is a suburb of Dallas, TX. The Plano Centre opened its arms to thousands of LEGO Maniacs on June 11th and 12th as they came together to celebrate their favorite multi-colored construction blocks.

The event featured several different building stations where families could let their creative juices flow and then showcase their creations for all to see. The Building Zone was an area where participants could make whatever they wanted with thousands upon thousands of different colored bricks provided for attendees. The Architecture Zone challenged builders to sharpen their skills using only white LEGOs. The Big Brick Building area was for children 5 years and younger to hone their talents using the larger LEGO Duplos.

My personal favorite building area was the one themed after "Star Wars". There was an entire section dedicated to a Galaxy Far, Far Away where you could create a spaceship or character inspired by the iconic movies. A professional LEGO display was surrounded by participants' personal creations which were all heavily guarded by jumbo Darth Vader and Stormtrooper action figures. Members of the 501st Garrison were in attendance to help keep things under control and take pictures with attendees.

A few vendors sold some great and hard-to-find LEGO sets and mini-figs in the Brick Market. Customers could find collections and items ranging from LEGO Friends to Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Bionicles, and more. There were booths where you could build your own custom mini-figures.

A group of artists were even doing drawings of attendees as LEGO mini-figures. Each one was an exclusive colored portrait of you or your child fit for framing. They really were something you would cherish forever as a fan of the popular building bricks.

Several different LEGO artists were in attendance to show off their amazing works. Brooklyn-based Jonathan Lopes brought along his creations which included a 14-foot long Manhattan Bridge and life-sized Mr. Tiger for folks to pose with. Brandon Wike and his team of builders brought along several of their displays. Brickmania featured historic scenes and transports such as a 24-foot long display of a Pacific Beach Landing and 27-foot long scaled model of the USS Missouri.

If you or your loved ones are LEGO enthusiasts, Brick Universe is a must-attend event. My son would stand at a building station for 45-minutes at a time creating things. For the most part, everything takes place in a large conference room, which makes it convenient to keep track of where you need to be or go. It was also a well-organized event with a wonderful and attentive staff. I very much look forward to next year's LEGO Brick Universe.

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LEGO Brick Universe 2016