Mill Creek Entertainment Lets Loose Hammer Films Collection Two

Mill Creek Entertainment are well-known as preservationists and purveyors of forgotten classic movies and television shows from days gone by. If there's a niche other home entertainment venues won't touch, it's a safe bet it'll show up at some point on Mill Creek's roster. As a fan of classic horror and thrillers, I couldn't be more happy with the release of the "Hammer Films Collection - Volume Two".

The "Hammer Films Collection - Volume Two" features six of the production company’s cult picks including “The Revenge of Frankenstein”, “The Snorkel”, “Never Take Candy From a Stranger”, “Maniac”, “Die! Die! My Darling”, and “Creatures the World Forgot”. They come three to a DVD in this two-disc set.

In “The Revenge of Frankenstein”, the good doctor (Peter Cushing) and his assistant (Francis Matthews) sew up a new monster, Karl (Michael Gwynn).

The Snorkel” tells the tale of writer Paul Decker (Peter Van Eyck), who has grown unhappy in his marriage. He executes what appears to be a perfect murder of his wife on the Italian coast. Although Paul is believed to be writing a book in France, his stepdaughter, Candy (Mandy Miller), is sure that he murdered her mother, and suspects he also murdered her father years before. With the police unwilling to investigate any further, Candy sets out to confirm her suspicions and take Paul down herself.

The parents of two girls take a pervert to court, but he lands an acquittal due to his prestige in “Never Take Candy From a Stranger”.

In “Maniac”, a Frenchwoman (Nadia Gray) persuades an American painter (Kerwin Mathews) to help her blowtorch-happy husband (Donald Houston) escape.

Patricia Carroll (Stefanie Powers) is an American woman who travels to London to marry her boyfriend, Alan Glentower (Maurice Kaufmann) in “Die! Die! My Darling!”. While there, Patricia stops by to visit Mrs. Trefoile (Tallulah Bankhead), the mother of her deceased ex-fiancĂ©, intending to pay her respects. Upon arriving, however, Patricia discovers that Mrs. Trefoile's grief for her son has transformed her into a sociopath. When Mrs. Trefoile begins holding Patricia prisoner, she must find a way to escape.

Creatures That the World Forgot” introduces us to Stone Age twins (Tony Bonner, Robert John), who each want to be chief and be with cavegirl Nala (Julie Ege).

Although it’s technically not rated, I would give the "Hammer Films Collection - Volume Two" a PG for parental guidance. The movies all contain violence of some sort, adult themes, frightening and intense scenes, and "The Revenge of Frankenstein" includes bloody gore.

Whether Hammer tackled controversial material to be noble or just as a means to be shocking in the era, they were still ahead of their time. This collection alone tackles the dark consequences of rape and child molestation within the framework of suspense and mystery. Of course, there's still fun to be had and plenty of technicolor gore to smile about. Altogether, the "Hammer Films Collection - Volume Two" is an assembling of chilling classic films which hits all sorts of marks within the horror and thriller genres.

The "Hammer Films Collection - Volume Two" is available now on DVD.