It's a Crisis of Infinite KFC Colonels

DC Comics partners with Kentucky Fried Chicken once again to promote healthy living through the consumption of fried chicken and the fixin's. Apparently, their last team up was successful enough to try to catch lightning (or grease) in a bottle twice. Writer Tony Bedford (Green Lantern, Birds of Prey) and Artist Tom Derenick (Injustice: Gods Among Us) are commissioned with pulling off this totally bonkers advertising campaign and meet the challenge head-on with KFC: The Colonel Corps #2.

Last year, Colonel Sanders battled his evil twin from Earth-3 in the instant classic The Colonel of Two Worlds. Now the Anti-Colonel is attacking the Multiverse, and the future of fried chicken lies with Colonels from various worlds spanning the Multiverse in KFC: The Colonel Corps #2!

I'm certainly not going to sit here and tell you KFC: The Colonel Corps #2 isn't a fun read. How could it not be? The sheer lunacy of its existence in a time when food franchises are coming under attack for their unhealthy ingredients makes the book even more unbelievably entertaining.

Although the rating for KFC: The Colonel Corps #2 is “12+”, it should be an E for Everyone. We all know the food chain wants anyone with the capability to read the issue and get whipped into a chicken-eating frenzy. Heck, I'm a borderline vegetarian ( I eat fish only) and I was craving it! Aside from some comic violence, this is one of the cleanest PG-rated books I've read in a very long time.

KFC: The Colonel Corps #2 is the equivalent of sports stars in the 1930s and 1940s like Jesse Owens, Johnny Weismuller, and Buster Crabbe starring in ads promoting Camel filterless cigarettes and stating, "These give me pep in my step!" Here we have the Flashes of different Multiverses helping the Colonels band together to preserve the quality of their chicken. We're talking about fast food saturated with enough cholesterol, fat, and preservatives to kill any superhero with a normal metabolism. Thankfully, the Scarlet Speedsters burn their calories so quick it wouldn't even affect them.

You can download KFC: The Colonel Corps #2 right now here.