Comic Book Review: Super Powers #1

DC Comics resurrects their Super Powers line with issue #1 of a new all ages book for kids and even their parents to enjoy. Art Baltazar is back doing what he does best as he provides simplistic and brightly colored illustrations. Writers Baltazar and Franco keep the story uncomplicated while still throwing in some episodic elements to keep readers interested.

The World’s Greatest Heroes are back in Super Powers #1 — except for Batman! Superman helps out by cleaning up in Gotham City, where he discovers a clue that sends Wonder Woman into space to find the Caped Crusader. Her journey brings her a step closer to Batman, but can she uncover the truth behind his disappearance?

Super Powers #1 is rated E for "Everyone." It's nice to have a comic book that anyone can enjoy. I really don't know why DC continues to launch and relaunch books with the same writer and artist under different titles. Why not just leave it the same name for consistency? Anybody remember DC Super Friends and Superman Family? This really is similar to both of those.

Super Powers #1 is available now in print and digital editions.