Legends Don "Creatures of the Night" Costumes for KISS Kruise VI

KISS proved once again they know how to give fans what they want at an electrifying show for their latest annual KISS Kruise. Every year, the band treats a loyal group of their KISS Navy to a themed trip on the open seas. This year's theme is "Creatures of the Deep", celebrating the "Creatures of the Night" album and era.

The Starchild, Demon, and Spaceman didn't disappoint, taking to the stage in costumes reminiscent of the one each persona wore during the tour for that legendary album in 1982. The Catman was still on drums in place of the Fox, aka Eric Carr, who sadly passed away in 1992. He sat atop a drumriser made up to look like a tank.

KISS delivered a set full of great tunes that would've been played at a time right before the band took off their makeup. You had the standards like "Love Gun", "God of Thunder", "Shout It Out Loud", and "Rock and Roll All Nite". However, they also dug deep into their bag of tricks and pulled out rarities like "Rock and Roll Hell" and "Keep Me Comin'". They even performed two songs off of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons' solo albums: "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me?" and Radioactive", respectively.

Since not everyone has the phenomenal opportunity to embark on a KISS Kruise, I thought it would be fun to put together a Spotify playlist of their set from the other night's performance. Many of the tracks are taken from their legendary "Alive" and "Alive II" records, while others were culled from "Alive III". "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me?" was taken from Paul's "One Live KISS" album. When live versions of the songs weren't available to keep it feeling authentic, tracks were used from "Ikons" and "Creatures of the Night" to fill in the gaps. You can listen to the "Creatures of the Deep" Spotify playlist below.

Hopefully, you can sit back and relax under a sun lamp and at least imagine you're basking in the glory of the Hottest Band in the World as they rock the high seas on KISS Kruise VI. Rest assured that we're there in spirit, Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric. Maybe next year we can be there in person.

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