Comic Book Review: The Lost Boys #3

After hating on issue 2 of Vertigo's The Lost Boys series, I must say further plot developments and a little more time to reflect give me a better attitude about where the mini-series is going after taking in #3. I now recognize that Writer Tim Seeley is attempting to step out and do something fresh by using the film as a springboard for a new tale of 1980's flavored horror and adventure.

If you treat a movie like a sacred object, you'll never feel free enough to take chances and give readers something unexpected. Part of the fun is seeing where the characters many hold so close to their hearts are heading and how the vampires of Santa Clara will be stopped... if they even can be.

It’s getting to be so a guy can’t go out on a Friday night in Santa Carla without somebody trying to sink their teeth into his neck! The Blood Belles are wreaking havoc across town. The Frog Brothers are missing, Star has run away, and Sam and Michael are one step ahead of having their blood drained. Only the mysterious vamp hunter known as the Believer can help them now in The Lost Boys #3!

The Lost Boys #3 is suggested for mature readers. It contains violence and gore, profanity, and frightening and intense sequences. There's really nothing seen here that we don't see in any of the Teen-rated books published by DC Comics.

The Lost Boys #3 is available now in print and digital editions.