Movie Review: "Krampus Unleashed"

If the release of Director Robert Conway's "Krampus Unleashed" has its way and is as successful as last year's "Krampus: The Reckoning," it looks like we have another quirky Christmas tradition in the making. This sequel sees the Yuletide beast get an upgrade in the looks department as more of a budget was obviously given for this straight-to-DVD sequel.

Part two of this hopeful independent horror franchise is a seasonal slasher with cheap practical effects, low-cost gore, and the bad acting we've come to expect from 80's B and C movie impersonators of "Friday the 13th" and "My Bloody Valentine." Check your high standards at the door and you'll have a great time. I do wish there would've been some snow to help put me into the spirit of things, but like the lady in the movie said, it doesn't snow everywhere at Christmas (that's paraphrased).

In pursuit of a lost treasure, a group of fortune hunters mistakenly unearth an ancient demonic summoning stone. The object holds a terrible curse and awakens a timeless evil, the Krampus. After centuries of slumber the Christmas Devil, has awoken with a thirst that only blood will quench in "Krampus Unleashed."

"Krampus Unleashed" is unrated, but should have an "R" if put before the MPAA. It contains, violence and gore, nudity, adult situations, profanity, smoking, drinking, and frightening and intense scenes. Every slasher movie has to have at least one unnecessary topless shot, right?

"Krampus Unleashed" is available now on DVD and Digital HD.