Thursday, December 29, 2016

Short Film Review: "Do You See What I See?"

Okay, I know that Christmas is over for typical Americans. But according to the Catholic denomination, the Twelve Days of Christmas aren't over until January 6th. That means we still have a few days left to celebrate the holiday season and take in a few more Christmas horror and slasher gems. Unstable Ground, the producers of "The Collapsed," and 9 Light Entertainment bring us the holiday havoc of "Do You See What I See?"

"Do You See What I See?" is a bold attempt at creating a new entry in the holiday horror slasher subgenre. It hits all the beats of your standard slice and dice flick including some first-person shots and stumbling and bumbling victims. What sets it apart is its meandering into "They Live" territory and addressing the dangers of obsessiveness over video and virtual reality gaming. "Do You See What I See?" is an entertaining little splash of holiday cheer for horror fans.

During the Christmas season, two sisters (Caleigh Le Grand, Jorja Cadence) throw a house party. They're unaware that a deadly invader will be crashing the proceedings in "Do You See What I See?"

"Do You See What I See?" is unrated, but would probably gain a PG-13 rating if put before the MPAA. It contains violence and gore, profanity, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and frightening and intense scenes. Most of the kills reminded me of "Halloween" in that they're not too graphic or in your face.

You can watch "Do You See What I See?" below.

Written and Directed by Justin McConnell & Serena Whitney
Produced by Shannon Hanmer, Serena Whitney, Justin McConnell / Executive Producer Pasha Patriki
Starring: Caleigh Le Grand, Jorja Cadence, Adam Buller, Emmanuel-Whitney Alexander
Directors of Photography: Pasha Patriki, Sasha Moric
Original Score by Sean Motley
Production Designer: Darryl Shaw

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