Comic Book Review: KISS #4

Dynamite and Amy Chu's KISS comic series continues to astound me with its compelling blend of different aspects of sci-fi. Issue #3 blasts us with a battle between robots and our teen heroes in mech-suits. Everything about this book goes against the grain of what we've seen in previous KISS comics. I absolutely love all the little KISStory easter eggs sprinkled throughout. Writer Chu and Artist Kewber Baal even pay tribute to Eric Carr and his Fox persona.

Twin troublemakers Eran and Noa are back home in KISS #4. They now know Blackwell's secrets, but will anyone believe them? Fortunately, they have some tricks up their sleeves, and with some help from KISS, they are about to turn their world upside down...

I'm constantly in awe that a KISS comic series has been so friendly to younger readers. A few of the past ones for other publishers have featured quite a bit more mature content in regards to both story and artwork. KISS #4 is rated T for Teen. It contains violence and profanity. Dynamite and Amy Chu seem to both be looking to pull in as many readers of different ages as they can and the story doesn't suffer because of it.

KISS #4 is available now in print and digital editions.