Friday, March 24, 2017

Aqualad Returns to Teen Titans!

I've popped in and out of the Teen Titans comic series over the years. They're always an enjoyable read and I'm sure they appeal to young adult readers and seem culturally relevant to the readership the title is geared to. Whether it be relationship drama, personal issues or crises, or just battling the latest super-villain, the Titans always come out on top in the end. DC All Access talks to writer Benjamin Percy about his current run penning the series and you can see the latest episode after the jump.

The Teen Titans are getting a new member, and it appears it's just in time as a savage new threat emerges from the ocean depths. In this DC All Access comics clip, Jason Inman talks to Teen Titans writer Ben Percy about Aqualad's return to Titans Tower and what it'll mean for the dynamic of the group. Will Aqualad joining the team mean we'll soon be saying sayonara to one of the other young heroes?

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